Defending Free Speech in the Nation’s Capital

The Liberty & Law Center’s Free Speech Clinic is located minutes from Washington, D.C., at the Antonin Scalia Law School, one of the country’s most dynamic and well-regarded law schools. The Clinic leverages its prime location and the extraordinary resources Scalia Law provides, including the excellent faculty, to provide top-notch legal education to aspiring First Amendment legal advocates.

Launched in Fall 2018, the Clinic provides robust, hands-on training for students seeking to become free speech advocates. The Clinic has two components: litigation and classroom instruction. This combination enhances students’ understanding of pivotal First Amendment issues and then puts that knowledge to practice by litigating active free speech matters. Clinic cases have included:

  • Successfully defending an individual against a charge of obstruction of justice for criticizing a police officer
  • Petitioning a county government in Virginia to reduce onerous restrictions on demonstrations on public property, leading to significant changes to the county’s regulation
  • Stopping the expansion of the ‘government speech doctrine’ – an emerging threat to free speech – to personalized license plates
  • Challenging unconstitutional restrictions on speech in public university settings

As the only Free Speech Clinic in the Washington, D.C., area, the Clinic provides an essential service to the surrounding community while training future free speech advocates and litigators. Thus, the impact of the Clinic is both immediate and far-reaching.