What students say about the Clinic:

“I hope to continue to follow my dream of practicing First Amendment law after graduation, and the Free Speech Clinic has definitely helped me to move closer to my goal.” Chris, Scalia Law ‘23

“I am so thankful to have learned more about free speech law while in the Free Speech Clinic because it gave me an opportunity to reflect on the issues and think about the ways I can engage in this field as a lawyer in the future.” Cristina Del Rosso, Scalia Law ‘23

“While I’m sure all free speech clinics give their students worthwhile experiences, I think the one at this school is particularly great.” Alexis, Scalia Law ‘22

“The work I did with the Free Speech clinic was ideal for growing as a writer and legal thinker, and the star-studded list of guest speakers gave me access to fantastic advocates committed to the freedom of speech. It would be difficult to have had a better clinic experience.” Ben, Scalia Law ‘22

“The Free Speech Clinic – through instruction, example, and application – is precisely what drew me to the Antonin Scalia Law School. I am eager to practice First Amendment law as an attorney, but even if I do not, as a patriot I will always appreciate and defend free speech. Without it, all Americans lose their right to participate in the marketplace of ideas, the sharing and expression of their beliefs.” Kirk, Scalia Law ‘22

“The Clinic offers amazing opportunities to work on real cases regarding pressing issues. While normal law school classes are valuable, getting hands-on experience with drafting legal documents—especially when the subject matter is so riveting and impactful—is pivotal experience.” Natalie, Scalia Law ‘21

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