Testimonial Archives

“Freedom of speech is easy to claim to support, but much more difficult to defend when you are defending views you disagree with, especially when you believe they may be harmful. Nonetheless, as one who believes in the First Amendment’s right to freedom of speech, I wanted to defend everyone’s right. This clinic gave me the ability to uphold the free speech rights of all individuals which made it a meaningful experience.” Ben, Scalia Law ‘21

“I feel much more confident in pursuing a public interest career because of my participation in the clinic.” Brennan, Scalia Law ‘21

“I choose this clinic because I had an interest and passion for free speech, and I wanted to build that passion into an expertise and practical experience in the field. I have been blown away by the guests we’ve had, the cases we’ve studied, and the cases we’ve worked on. It’s been [an] incredibly rewarding experience to work with the attorneys engaging in real cases throughout the year.” Liam, Scalia Law ‘21

“I originally applied to be in the Free Speech Clinic because I thought a clinic would be a great way to apply what I have learned in my first two years of law school to (real-world] issues. I was not a free speech “junkie,” but I found cases like New York Times v. Sullivan interesting, and thought the Free Speech Clinic would allow me to delve deeper into the subject. Throughout this year in the class, I have certainly delved deeper into free speech case law and learned the many different aspects of free speech–from the freedom of the press to the freedom to peaceably assemble. This clinic has allowed me to explore an area of law that I was not necessarily focused on prior to joining the clinic. Fortunately for me, free speech is a complex and intriguing area of law that I have enjoyed reading and learning about all year.”  Maddie, Scalia Law ‘20

“George Mason’s Free Speech Clinic was the best elective course I took while in law school. The opportunity to gain real-world practice experience while researching essential legal questions surrounding constitutionally protected free speech was truly an amazing experience … In sum, this course left me feeling much more prepared for professional practice and encouraged me to pursue a career working on issues related to free speech and the First Amendment. ” Ed, Scalia Law ‘19